Hear Me Sing

Last night I went to choir practice for the first time in over a year. Mentioning the fact on twitter naturally led to the question what we do, so I went on youtube to see if they had a few examples of the music we like. Turns out they had, and not just of the music, but also of us performing.

A word of caution: These are random recordings that don’t show us at our best; although I really don’t think youtube is right to link to Jimmy’s Infantile Spasms in the related videos column.

In 2009, a few of us went to Milan to take part in a festival called Politicanto. It was great fun and we met a lot of wonderful people there.

In Vienna, every Friday the 13th is celebrated in it’s own unique way. It’s about having fun, but it’s also a political statement, taking back the public space and making parts of society visible that tends to stay hidden.

Summer in Vienna, part four

Today, I tried to find a few locations to see Vienna from above. The city is not known for its many skyscrapers. There are a few elevated places, however.
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Millennium Tower on Wikipedia
The Donauturm on Wikipedia

Of course, a blog post like this could never be complete without a few pictures of the Riesenrad.

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